Gyan Museum orbits around the assortments of the naturalist, collector and gemologist Late Mr. Gyan Chand Ji Dhaddha (1940-2004). It is a tribute to the legend who in the world that he foresaw formulated his own media. He was born in a traditional Jain family and was surrounded by such philosophy, visuals, and belief systems that instilled in him the love for arts, crafts, poetry and literature. At a tender age of sixteen, his father presented him two objects with which began his childhood fascination for antiques, which in turn led him as an avid collector. He believed that the most beautiful relationship one can have with objects is to own them, and so he travelled his passion and kept collecting the cultural genre.

Gyan Museum is constructed to depict a reciprocal recognition to about 3000 years of cultural heritage. Today museum has in possession over 2500 work of executive art both Indian and Foreign origin. It holds majority of articles like Textiles, painting, Metal Art, silver hookahs, Gorgeous antique jewellery, Vintage spectacles, paintings of 17 century and older, the rarest inscription and everything else in between- all showcased in the Museum.

Gyan Museum is a signature concept design by Paul Mathieu. Inspired by the passion and freedom that late Mr. Gyan Dhaddha embraced as a collector of fine and decorative arts, Mr. Mathieu envisioned a space where objects and ideas from diverse provenance and periods would not only be admired, but inspire dialogue and new ways for visitors to experience them.