gyan chand ji


Mr. Gyan Chand Dhaddha was a man of zeal, a man who wanted to do different from the league, a man of literary and historical interest, a man who lived his passion all his life and this was evident from the smile his eyes had every time he added to his collection!

Apart from this, his passion for gems and jewellery knew no boundaries; he had a peculiar way of surveying his surroundings and picking out the extraordinary. After having realized his passion he decided to turn it to his profession and hence he started up Gem plaza a jewellery house, which has been pioneer of handcrafted jewellery and a synonym for exquisite craftsmanship.

When Mr. Gyan passed away in 2004, his sons- Suresh & Arun decided to create the Gyan Museum as a tribute to him. The museum showcases the tapestries, paintings and antiques collected by Mr. Gyan during his life span. Further, a section of the museum showcases his personal belongings too. It were not the objects that brought life into him, it was he who brought life to the objects.