Gyan Museum is a Paul Mathieu signature original design.

It is the perfect backdrop for the Gyan Collections. From the mantra-like circular architectural layout, to the display cases, marble front desk, hand-knotted rug, bronze daybed, and Murano glass chandelier, the environment echoes the uniqueness and diversity of the objets d’art displayed.

Tall minimalist pillars and hand-chiseled stone steps were created for the entrance facade; a fragrant plantation of local Champa trees framed by layers of bamboo for the front lawn

Lord Ganesh Statue

After pushing the door’s exquisite rock crystal handle and stepping into a high-ceilinged, all-white, calm, fresh space, one is greeted and blessed by a monolithic jade statue of Lord Ganesh.

This space is the perfect transition from the busyness of the outside world into the world of the Gyan Collections. A stark white marble staircase that refers to the architecture of Rajasthani forts, ascends to two massive curved doors. The first leads into Gyan’s collection of antiquities and objets d’art; the second into Gyan’s salon of contemporary creations.

Gyan reflects Mathieu’s long relationship with and passion for India, his understanding of historical references, and his respect for high quality materials and master craftsmanship.

Mathieu designed Gyan to be a bridge between past and future, and to give its visitors a lasting imprint of the peacefulness of the present.